ACAB: co-opting skateboarding

Somebody posted the video below on the forum. It’s a TV “happy news” type of piece about some cop who’s into skateboarding. It was deemed newsworthy because (it must have been a slow news day, as well as) it’s a bit off center to see a cop not persecuting skaters but skating himself while on patrol. My take on the forum was this:

Which is true?
A. Skateboarding makes the police cool.
B. The police makes skateboarding uncool.
[baseline assumption: skateboarding=cool, police=uncool; it’s a valid assumption because, were the police cool, the video wouldn’t have been produced to begin with]

I’m inclined to chose B, because skateboarding is “cool” insofar as it is a counterculture, but this link (i.e., skateboard=counterculture) is loose, as skateboarding may well be seen as a mere form of exercise; the police, on the other hand, is unequivocally “mainstream”.

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