LDP is a boys’ club: sexism in the forums

I get that sex sells, but just do better. Just be better than this, because this totally sucks and frankly the whole thing is a bit tired. This kind of imagery impacts the psyche of women and girls far beyond whatever marketing moron you entrusted your site to could even imagine. We soak this sh*t up, these images that tell us who we are and what we are for, what our bodies are good for.

Banting, K. (2017, August 16). F*ck You Billabong. Seriously, f*ck you. [Blog]. Medium.

Bossa boards

Spot the difference (hint: look for correlations between gender and activity):

Female person passively holding a skateboard
Male person actively skateboarding
Female person passively holding a skateboard
Male person actively skateboarding

Sexy ad

What would you make of this? This ad starts with footage of this woman’s legs. Then it shows a bunch of men (or anyway one man with different outfits) demonstrating the product and its use. Sometimes footage of this woman pops up (with the exact same outfit) while she’s using the product, but it is rather lifestyle-ish, not true, active demonstration of product.

I pointed this out in a forum and a rather revealing but depressing dialogue ensued. Highlights include (trigger warning): “women look so sexy when they pump” and “the start of the add [sic] kept me watching; it was a nice add (d=s).” Splendid.

Female skateboards

So, it’s expensive, it probably takes time and money to maintain, it looks attractive, and you get to ride on top of it. Of course you see it as a woman.

Posts on the facebook LDP group:

Excellent short video essay on the topic

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