Bennett axle offset (or “rake”)

I had been trying to find out what the offset of a Bennett is. I’m talking about the perpendicular distance from the pivot axis (the line that goes through a. the pivot hole and b. the center of the hanger hole – where a spherical would be if you have one in there) to the center of the axle. From the images it looks like it’s about 2-3 cm (around an inch). Someone on facebook answered me that it’s 22mm, perhaps a tiny bit more. A commentator believes it’s more like 28mm. Still, if you have one lying around (or a Bennett clone, i.e a Bhanger, perhaps a Vite, although its offset looks smaller), I would appreciate it if you would left me a message with your measurement. You only need a ruler and something straight (a pencil) to “see” the pivot axis.

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One thought on “Bennett axle offset (or “rake”)

  1. I found a pretty accurate 3d model of vector on a grabcad. Rake is 27.5-27.8mm according to it.

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